Laptop Not Recognizing Mic in Headset

Updated on May 9, 2019 in Devices
2 on May 9, 2019

I’m having a problem where my laptop isn’t recognizing the microphone on my headset. It’s a single-port standard 3.5mm jack and I’ve checked that my laptop can accept headsets (the little headset icon is visible beside the port). I’m receiving audio through my headset, so I know my laptop can recognize that there is something plugged in, but when I speak, it’s still using the built-in microphone in my laptop. 

I’ve tested the headset on other devices, and they can detect the microphone, but my laptop is having some issues. I have Windows 10 on an acer Aspire F5-573 and I’m using an Evo Core headset.

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1 on May 3, 2019

Further, I’ve made sure in my settings that the RealTek mic option is enabled and at 100 – there are no other microphone options that appear (I’ve selected to show the disconnected and hidden devices).

on May 9, 2019

Hello liz, I suggest that you begin by installing the Audio driver manually from Acer’s website:

You’ll find there all the official drivers for your laptop. Install the Audio one and restart your computer and give it another try.

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