Low input sound from USB microphone

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I am dealing low input sound from my new USB microphone. I can hear my voice when I record something but it is too low and when I turn up volume from recording device only noise changes.

1. My microsoft is Windows 10 1607 IS 14393.576
2. My microphone is Auna 900-B

Those things I tried so far
Recording Devices -> Microphone -> Levels and turn to 100
Re-install audio drivers/use Realtek audio drivers
Update microphone driver from device manager and choose USB Audio Device
Tried to change volume with Equaliser APO

Another interesting point, I tried microphone at my macbook but same low sound happened there as well. There isn’t any problem to install driver but this thing made me really crazy.

Hopefully you can help


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0 on January 7, 2017

It seems El-capitan which I am using has same issue lately

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1 on January 8, 2017

Hi mikumi,
If it happens on both PCs, I would guess that it is a problem with your mic, won’t you say?


I’d try getting a replacement (preferably a different model) from the shop you bought it in, if possible.



on January 11, 2017


We tried in another computer which has asus p8p67 sound card. It worked when we plugged it without any problem. We changed the default device to onboard audio device which use Realtek software. The problem with low input sound started again. Now we can’t recover the issue even we enabled sound card again. it seems there is a software problem.

Any suggestions?

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