Mic goes jarring in windows 10

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3 on December 18, 2016

I am using windows-10.  When i am talking through mic the sound received at the other end is ok.  But after few minute say after 5 minute the sound goes jarring.  If I close the mic and open again like Skype or google talk, if i close and reopen again I can talk for another 5 minutes without jarring.  After minutes it becomes jarring.  I have updated drivers and software.  I am using My web cam cum Mic as my Mic.  My email pamgovind@gmail.com

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1 on December 22, 2016

Hi pamgovind,
I’m not sure what you mean by jarring.

What webcam are you using?
I would try connecting this webcam to a different port in the computer.

Try doing that and if it doesn’t work, please return to us with the model of your webcam.


on December 23, 2016

By connecting to other ports also the same problem persisting.  I am using SWEEX WC611 webcam.

Thanks for the help.

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0 on December 25, 2016

OK, let’s try to get in deeper. What do you mean by jarring? Please explain that in a different way. 

Also, how do you know that the sound goes bad? Does the person on the other side tell you?

Does this happen when you simply record sound on the Windows Voice Recorder too?

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