My mic suddenly doesn’t work!

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I have Headset & sound card, when I used them to record on my laptop I discovered that the mic sound is too low, so I install [EqualizerAPO64-1.2 – PeaceSetup] to increase the sound, but when I installed these programs & restart my pc I discovered that the mic doesn’t work even if I didn’t use this program. So I decided to uninstall these programs & nothing fixed, so I decided to uninstall the sound drivers from my device manager & nothing fixed too! So what should I do now except make a new windows?!!

Thank you for your time.

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2 on January 5, 2019

Hello Joe, I would suggest that you try to restore your computer to a previous point. A low mic is better to fix than no mic at all.

But anyway, you can also go to your laptop’s manufacturer’s official website and download the audio drivers and then install it.. Also, if the sound card you’re using have specific drivers on a Flash drive / CD or a downloadable file from their website too, do it. Let me know who it went and I’ll do my best to help your further.

on January 6, 2019

Hello Mina,

1- I tried to restore my computer but nothing fixed.
2- I tried to uninstall sound drivers again but nothing fixed. 
3- I tried to update my drivers but nothing fixed.
4- I tried to install the sound card drivers because I didn’t get DVD but I couldn’t find 
    the driver because I have windows 10 & all of them for xp,7,8
5- when I installed win10 drivers which i found it accidentally it gives me “Please
   plug-in USB PnP Sound Device device” & after plug-in, nothing fixed.

– Note : my sound card name : 5HV2 – Color : Black.

really I don’t know what should I do, even the sound is working correctly!

Thanks for helping.

on January 9, 2019

Hey Joe, is there any chance to try another USB port (should be a USB 2.0 not USB 3.0). If you can’t tell the difference, here you are:

Check the logo

Since USB 3.0 is also knows as SuperSpeed USB, you can easily find the SS mark around your USB port.

Check the color

Most of the time but not always, the USB 3.0 port should have blue color inside the port (even if it doesn’t have the SS mark) whereas USB 2.0 has either black or white inside the port.

Tell me if this helps. Will be doing extra research for your case.

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