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1 on November 20, 2015

My built-in microphone of a desktop recently purchase with Windows 10 did not work as people via Skype did not hear me. However, in the settings the microphone seemd to work corrcetly as the green bars are moving while I am talking.
Could someone help me ?



on January 18, 2016

Hi there,

Apologize for the delayed response.

a. Is the issue specific to Skype application only?
b. What is the version of Skype you are using?

The skype version is working fine with Windows 10. You will not find incompatibility issues with this version. Also, you could also update to this Skype version from the Skype website.

If the microphone does not at all work in any of your applications, then you might have to update your sound driver, which is located under “sound, video, and game controllers”.

1. Press Windows key + X, open Device Manager

2. Scroll down to Sound, video and game controllers

3. Single, left click the small arrow to the left.  It will expand the “Sound Video, and game controllers”

4. Single click your audio controller.

5. Right click on the device driver, and select Update driver software.

6.  Tell it to “search automatically for driver software” (Note: you have to be connected to the internet).

7.  It should find a driver and your microphone might work.

Let us know if the steps worked for you 🙂

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