Windows 10 Microphone issue.

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1 on February 4, 2019

Hello, I seem to be suffering with the same problem as many are currently having with their microphone  has randomly stopped working. I have searched for literally hours online now and tried every step that has been suggested to no avail.

The issue occurred randomly at some point in the day whilst I was using my computer. Hadn’t recently installed any updates etc.

I am using an astro mixamp plugged into my pc with my headset plugged into the mixamp. I have been using this set up for over nine years and on this pc for over three years so it is definitely not a hardware issue. The sound still comes from the headset, this is strictly a microphone issue.

A list of the majority of things I’ve tried/have checked;

  • The microphone is set to default.
  • I have gone into the privacy settings via windows and all apps can access my mic.
  • I have tried disabling all other audio components apart from the mic
  • I have tried using a different headset, same thing happens.
  • I have used my headset on a different device and it works fine.
  • I uninstalled the current drivers sound drivers and downloaded the latest drivers from the manufactures website even though it said my current drivers were up to date.
  • I have tried restarting with no drivers installed and for windows to auto install them.
  • I have tried restoring my pc to an earlier time (~eight days ago).
  • I have tried going into device manager and uninstalling the audio devices.
  • I have tried bypassing the mixamp and plugging the headset into my pc directly.
  • I have gone into the microphone properties via the sound setting and under the “levels” tab the microphone is at 100 and unmuted.
  • Under the general tab via microphone properties there is another properties tab, clicking this says “device status: device is working properly”
  • I have tried using the mic on discord, skype and windows voice recorder with no success.


I checked via cmd and it says my motherboard is “M5A99FX PRO R2.0”, so I downloaded the 64 bit sound drivers from

There are probably one or two things I have forgot to list that I have tried, but any help would be appreciated.

If there is info needed that I have provided please let me know.

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0 on February 4, 2019

Hey! Excuse me for the late answer. Wow that was a long list and I literally can’t add a single thing for you to try. It’s so weird nothing worked for you. I’ll keep thinking about this and tell you if I get to something, please keep checking for updates for your Windows version, maybe this is something Microsoft will fix through an update.

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