What is Edge?

Edge is web browser that comes with Windows 10. It is Microsoft’s successor to Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer hadn’t been exactly loved by users over the years, as it was deemed slow, buggy and difficult for developers to work with.

IE VS. Edge Logos
Pretty Similar, Huh?

Let’s go over the main interesting¬†things that you can do with Edge.


  • Edge is the default browser for Windows 10 both on PC and on Mobile devices.
  • Edge is supposed to be light and quick. ¬†From our initial experience (while this is being written Edge isn’t even officially out yet) Edge does feel pretty quick, but performance tests show mixed results for now.
  • Edge has a nice clean look that fits in with the general clean look of Windows 10.

    Edge's main screen
    Edge is a handsome browser
  • With Edge you can search right in the address bar. The moment you’ll begin to type into the address bar Edge will start showing you all kinds of smart suggestions.

    Edge's smart suggestions. Source: Microsoft's website
    Edge’s smart suggestions. Source: Microsoft’s website
  • Edge should have strong integration with Cortana, Microsoft’s virtual assistant, equivalent of Apple’s Siri. This feature doesn’t work yet, though.
  • With a click on the little book icon right next to the address bar Edge moves to Reading View, de-cluttering your screen from all unnecessary distractions, leaving only the text itself. I find this to be pretty cool and helpful.
Regular view and Reading View comparison
A comparison of the normal view VS the new Reading View
  • Finally, one of my favorite features is the Web Note, which allows you to doodle and annotate right on the browser, and then (relatively) easily save that annotated picture and share it.
    This feature is obviously tailored to tablets, but I find it very comfortable on my desktop computer too.
Annotation and doodle on the browser using Web Note
Annotation right in the browser is fun and easy

However, if you’re still not used to it and want to set other browsers as your default one, then Google Chrome is a strong alternative and this guide will walk you through setting it as your default browser.

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