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Here are some awesome new keyboard shortcuts that are new to Windows 10.

  • Window Snapping and Resizing:Pressing Windows Key + Left/Right will snap the current window that you are in to the left or right of the screen.
    Quickly pressing Windows Key +  Up/Down afterwards will snap that window to only a quarter of the screen (left/right,up/down according to the keys you’ve pressed).Pressing Windows Key + Up/Down without pressing Windows+Left/Right beforehand will minimize or maximize the Window that you’re in.
  • Switching Between Windows:Aside from the old Alt+Tab to switch between windows (hold Alt, press Tab until you get to the window you’re looking for, then release Alt),
    you can now press Win+Tab to go to the new task view, which shows all the open windows, and then choose a window with your mouse.
    This is the Windows equivalent of the F3 key in Mac OS X.
    You can also do this by clicking on the Task View icon on the bottom left of the screen.Screenshot_1
  • Creating and Switching Between Virtual Desktops:A virtual desktop is simply another area for you to work in. It’s good for keeping things nice and tidy. Imagine you had two or more screens instead of one – that’s what a virtual desktop is, but all the screens are within the same screen. You’ll get it once you try 🙂Virtual Desktop To create a new virtual desktop and immediately switch to it press Windows Key + Ctrl + D.To switch your open virtual desktops press Windows Key + Ctrl + Left/Right.To close the virtual desktop that you are currently in press Windows Key + Ctrl + F4.
  • Command Prompt ShortcutsI didn’t want to put a lot of info on command prompt here, so as not to intimidate individuals who don’t even know what that is. If YOU are interested though, check out our page on the new Windows 10 Command Prompt.