7 Super People Tips for New Players

The class system, the randomization system, and the new element of superhero powers make Super People stand out from the rest. 

The game was released in 2022 in early access, and since then, there have been some changes. Besides, with the number of features this game has, it can be quite hard to navigate.

7 Super People Tips for New Players

Whether you’re a new player or haven’t kept up with the game, these tips will come in handy.

Tip 1: Airdrop Yourself Wisely

We all know the drill. Battle royale games always start with you arriving at an aircraft location. Players always drop down from the air, and it’s up to them to decide where they’d like to land.

If you don’t pay attention, you could land in an undesirable and disadvantageous location. Super People gives you some amount of control over how you drop.

For example, Quick dive is a mechanism that lets you drop down swiftly on the spot. This way, you wouldn’t need to glide down to the target.

When you’re nearly there, cut the parachute to make an entry safely.

Tip 2: You Will Find Loot In Strange Places

Looting means exploring the game’s map (orb island) and searching for things players can pick. These can be things that’ll help you move forward, such as health capsules and weapon crafting material.

Haven’t you had any luck finding loot in Super People? Our advice is to look inside buildings, especially those that look unusual.

You might also find weird-looking structures that aren’t precisely buildings, and the chances of finding loot here are higher. You didn’t hear it from us, but if you’re getting tired of loot, there may be some Super People cheats on the internet.

Tip 3: Equip Your Weapons

Equipping with the correct attachments isn’t vital to winning, but it sure does help give you a head start. There are mods(modifications) for weapons scattered all around the map. 

You would have to find the mod that fits the type of weapon you have. The game makes this much more straightforward than randomly picking up every mod. 

Every time you’re about to exit an area, make sure you aren’t leaving any helpful mods behind. The right mods will emit a white beaming light that’ll help distinguish them from the rest.

Tip 4: Learn Crafting

Crafting can be a game-changer. It is incredibly impactful in the final phases of the game.

Crafting lets you upgrade your inventory, armor, weapons, etc. Crafting materials are acquired while you loot an area. 

Leveling up guns will increase the damage dealt by them by 1. While you can upgrade weapons up to level 7, you can only upgrade other things up to level 5.

Tip 5: You Can Level Up Using Super Capsules

Did you think that surviving and killing was the only way that you could uplevel your character? Well, think again. You can expedite the process of leveling up. Here’s how.

Leveling up in Super People is a way of unlocking new and exciting abilities. This provides further structure to the class system. 

In the game, you’ll find an ability tree that further branches out in red, green, and blue divisions. Although, the sequence in which you unlock these abilities will also be randomized.

Capsules work differently. Red capsules will help fill up the red ability bar. You may occasionally find white or golden capsules in the game, which will fill up multiple ability bars at once.

Tip 6: Get to Know Your Character

Super People characters aren’t just means of aesthetics. As you may already know, there’s a class categorization. 

It would be helpful to learn what snipers, teleporters, and drivers can do for you.

Everyone has special abilities and arms that are unique to them. Learn how to use each character’s perks. These perks come in a selection of green, red and blue.

You would have to wait for the perks to unlock throughout the game as you level up your character.

Tip 7: Maintain the Supply Crate

After you’ve collected many items, things can get lost in the inventory quickly.

Only you can tell what items you will need primarily, so you should personalize your supply crate.

Players can do this in the middle of matches with the help of the armory menu.

Last Words

Super People has been making waves in the battle royale and hero shooter games. If you’re one of those who like to be prepared for fun, these 7 tips will be your lifeboat in Super People. There are some classic elements along with some new features.

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