Discord Overlay Not Working: Easy Answers on What to Do

Gamers may get frustrated when the computer screen flashes up with the message of doom, claiming, “Discord overlay not working.” Technology remains a wondrous thing, but when it doesn’t work, we all feel like throwing our controllers out of the window. However, the issue may stem from some issues which you may quickly remedy.

Discord Overlay Not Working

If the message “Discord overlay not working” flashes onto your screen, don’t shove your fist through it. Check out some basic solutions before you throw a tantrum. You may need to enable the app in-game, or more specifically, for the game you want to play. Furthermore, most of us run antivirus software on our systems to prevent those pesky wizards from invading our computers, so you may want to check that your antivirus software isn’t blocking your discord overlay.

It still says Discord overlay not working

Failing those initial checks, the most common reason for the message derives from the configuration of Discord. You may need to go through the setup and make sure you checked all those boxes correctly before you settle into your online battle.

What Is Discord Overlay?

Discord overlay forms a popular feature for gamers that allows them to talk or text chat during a game without interrupting the gameplay. Children, teenagers, and adults worldwide use the system, which proves particularly useful in strategy games when you need to give instructions to team members across the world wide web.

The function uses a hotkey to activate it. However, you may use a Discord Pedal attached to your computer to activate the feature. Furthermore, Discord headphones with a built-in microphone make the experience seamless, or you may use a dedicated microphone attached to your setup.

Discord for Dummies

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However, when the Earth-destroying message of “Discord overlay not working” shatters your plans for an afternoon of world domination, you may need to take a few steps to solve the issue.

What to Do When Discord Overlay Not Working Appears

Our checklist of detailed steps may save you a lot of money because you won’t throw down your controller in disgust or smash your computer in frustration! We’ve all been there and experienced that moment when technology drives us to our limits. However, fear not because this may help.

Specific games

Some gamers experience the message of doom when playing specific games such as Borderlands 2 and Fortnight Battle Royale. Follow these simple steps to solve the issue.

To enable overlay

Even though you may find Discord Overlay enabled, you may need to tell your system to perform the function again for some games. It’s a pain, but technology and gaming grow so rapidly in sophistication and power that sometimes it causes a glitch.

Step 1

Visit the start menu and open the Discord app. Inside the app, open the Discord users setting, and on the left panel, click Overlay.

Step 2

Once you click that setting, toggle and enable in-game overlay on the right side of the page.

Step 3

Go to the game options for the game you want to play and ensure the in-game Overlay feature remains on. Click the monitor button to make sure it’s activated and add your game to Discord using the “add it” option. By double-clicking the selected game, you enable the Discord app for that specific game.

Step 4

You may find the above steps completed already when you get in there. However, turn the enable off and turn it on again. The on-off-on method remains a favorite for many applications and constitutes a virtual kick in the rear.

Step 5

Save the app settings and restart your game. Consequently, the feature accepts your chosen game, and the “Discord overlay not working” message dissolves into a black hole of achievement!

The Demon Antivirus

Antivirus software often conflicts with gaming functions and apps. It’s a fact of life that we must protect our computers from hackers, but unfortunately, our protection sometimes drives us nuts by blocking features we need.

How to solve the issue

It’s not safe to turn off your antivirus. So, you must delve into the settings of your particular antivirus and instruct it to allow Discord Overlay applications.

You can visit the Windows Firewall option through the start menu and turn it off. The Windows Firewall is a notorious cause for app conflicts, and switching the thing off may reduce your blood pressure.

If, for some reason, you find no way around this with your antivirus, you may need to use a different antivirus solution that proves compatible with Discord. Norton, Bitdefender, and Avira claim compatibility with the Discord app if you need to change your protection as a last resort.

It’s All About the Hardware

You may have outdated hardware, and your CPU may be incompatible with the app. So, you may get the “Discord overlay not working” message. If that happens, you may wish to try out the following steps.

Disable hardware acceleration

If your CPU and hardware find it tough to comply with Discord, you may need to disable the hardware acceleration.

Step 1

Open the Discord app in the start menu and click the user setting until you find the Appearance setting on the left corner.

Step 2

This reveals the hardware acceleration option on the right side of the page, and you must toggle it off.

Step 3

Confirm your changes and restart the Discord app, which, in turn, disables the hardware acceleration. Once you start your game, with any luck, the Discord overlay now performs correctly.

Scaled up display

Sometimes you can fail to expand your Windows display to 100 percent. Consequently, this may result in a ‘Discord overlay not working’ message. However, it’s an easy fix.

Step 1

Visit the Windows settings and hold the Window logo key on your keyboard, and press I. The action transports you by magic to the Windows settings options.

Step 2

Find the System option and click it. On the right-hand side, you select the 100 percent option, which sits under the Scale and Layout section.

Step 3

Once you achieve 100 percent scale, save your setting and restart the game. Then your Discord overlay may work successfully.

Shift the Overlay on the screen

It may feel like a nuclear option, but adjusting the position of the Overlay screen by going into Java script may help solve the “Discord overlay not working” issue.

Step 1

Close your game and open the Discord software. Open the JavaScript console by holding and pressing the Ctrl key, the Shift button, and the I button simultaneously.

Step 2

Click on the arrow button located on the top right-side corner of the JavaScript console to find the software option.

Step 3

Click on the Local Storage to find https://discordapp.com and click on it.

Step 4

Delete the OverlayStore or OverlayStoreV2 by clicking the right-click option.

Step 5

Once you achieve these steps, restart the Discord program, and re-launch your game. As a consequence of your actions, the “Discord overlay not working” message crumbles under your computing might!

Update Discord Software

The problem may derive from outdated software, and you may quickly rectify the issue by installing the latest edition of Discord. We all feel intimately familiar with updates because of our phones and gaming consoles, and it may represent a simple fix to rid yourself of the pesky message.


Follow these steps to update your Discord app.

Step 1

Open the RUN dialogue box from the Start menu in Windows and type %localappdata%, and click the OK button. The action takes you to the AppData, local folder.

Step 2

In the AppData folder, find the Discord folder and double click it. Inside the Discord folder, find the Update.exe file.

Step 3

Double click on the Update.exe file to start updating process. Save your changes and restart the Discord app and your game.

Third-party applications

Sometimes, third-party applications interrupt Discord and may cause the dreaded message. And you may need to disclose third-party software during play by holding the Ctrl, Alt, and Delete buttons to open the task manager of Windows.

Select the third-party software that under processes and click the end task button to close third-party software interfering with your game. It’s a trick that may not always work, but it’s certainly worth a try.


Discord Overlay Not Working Explained

Gaming provides much welcome relief during our current circumstances, and the ability to chat with friends across the world remains a vital function to save our sanity. When the “Discord overlay not working” message starts to flash, its sets blood pumping around our systems at an alarming rate.

By following our simple steps, you may quickly solve the issue. It may prove that a simple app update kick starts the app again, or you may need to teach your antivirus a lesson and show it who’s boss. However, you chose to solve the problem, keep the faith and follow our guide to help you banish the problem from our realm.

Have you ever had the message flash up on your screen? How did you solve the issue? Why not comment in the space below with your tips and tricks?

Sean Kerr lives in Cardiff, Wales, and is a published author with over 10 novels to his name so far and still counting. As well as writing his next bestseller, Sean also runs a successful jewelry-making business and sells his creations online.

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