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How to use your hard drive as RAM in Windows 10 and 11

How to use your hard drive as RAM in Windows 10 and 11

ByWin10FAQ EditorialNov 23, 202210 min read

Windows 10 has a feature that allows part of your hard drive to work the same way that RAM(Random Access Memory) does. Known as virtual memory, it is important to system stability and can help improve your computer’s performance when properly configured. You will know how to turn storage into ram with this article. Before covering how to configure virtual memory, it may be helpful to explain how it works…


7 Super People Tips for New Players

ByWin10FAQ EditorialNov 22, 20224 min read

The class system, the randomization system, and the new element of superhero powers make Super People stand out from the rest.  The game was released in 2022 in early access,…


Essential Hyper-Converged Cloud Questions Answered

ByWin10FAQ EditorialNov 22, 20226 min read

How well do you understand hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI)? Whether you’re a newbie or a self-proclaimed expert, there’s probably a lot about HCI you don’t know. While it is the solution…

Cloud Server

How The Cloud Has Evolved Over The Past Years

ByWin10FAQ EditorialNov 14, 20226 min read

Cloud computing has evolved over time from a new and exciting idea to a competitive industry. Today, the sector is expanding as businesses and researchers work to push the envelope…