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When you first start Win 10, you’ll see a shortcut in the Start menu to a thing called “phone companion”. The text on this shortcut box switches itself every few seconds, but you can find it just beneath the Edge icon, with the weather shortcut to its left.

All kinds of stuff can be written in that box, but it IS the phone companion, trust me
All kinds of text will be displayed in that box, but it IS the phone companion, trust me

What does it do?

Let’s take a look. The Windows phone owners get all the possibilities, but if you’re an Android or iPhone user like most people in this world, some things are still ‘Coming Soon’.

choose phone

android possibilities


All these choices that are currently available will require you to download an app to your phone. Don’t worry, this process will be easy and Windows will guide you through it quite well. They have improved, those Microsoft people.

  • OneDrive – the cloud icon in the pic above – will automatically upload all the photos from your phone to the cloud and then you would find them in the photos app on your desktop computer. You can access the photos app from HERE (this will look different on your computer because it displays the latest photo that it found. It will still be in the same location, though) –photos app

If the photos are being uploaded from your phone, but you do not see them in the Photos app on your computer, you may have to change a setting in the photos from onedrive setting


  • OneNote – the icon of a book with an “N” on it – will enable you to write notes or snap screenshots from the web, and those will be shared between your PC and phone.
    Click the OneNote icon on in the start menu to open the notes on your PC.onenote
  • downloading Skype – will just put Skype on your phone 🙂 Nothing too interesting. You can link your Microsoft account to Skype and so have a unified username, password and contact list, but that was already possible on the Skype app on your phone before.
  • with The Office apps (Word, Excel and Powerpoint) – You’d be able to write and share Word Excel and Powerpoint docs on your phone and PC, but this is only available for most areas around the world, not all. See this link to check if it’s available in your country.
  • Outlook – will give you access to your email through the outlook interface (gmail can be connected to it also, if you were wondering), on your phone and desktop PC.


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