Want to join your Windows 10 PC to an existing Windows Domain?


A network based on a Domain provides centralized administration of the entire network from a single computer which is called a server. A Domain provides single user login from any computer connected to that network within the network perimeter. Users are allowed (or restricted) to access resources depending upon the permissions they have. To learn more about networks or Domain, consult your network administrator or read books, blogs or resources and discussions about it online.

To join a Domain, you require and need to ensure that you have the following information and resources:

  • A User Account on the Domain. It is the basic requirement, contact your Network Administrator to set it up.
  • Name of Domain you want to join.
  • Computer running Windows 10 Professional or Enterprise/Education editions. (Windows 10 basic versions can not do this).
  • Domain Controller must be running Windows Server 2003 or later.

 Note: Windows 10 might not support Windows 2000 Server Domain Controllers.

Joining a Windows 10 PC or Device to a Domain

On the Windows 10 PC that you wish to connect to a Domain, go to Settings > System > About then click Join a domain.


Enter the name of the Domain you want to join and click Next. Contact your Network Administrator to get this information.


Enter account information to authenticate the user on the Domain, then click OK.


Wait while your computer is authenticated on the Domain. It might take a few minutes.


Click Next when on this screen.


And then restart to complete the process.


When you see the sign in screen, you will notice that the DOMAIN\User account is displayed. Enter your password and you will be logged onto your Domain now.


You will notice that once you are connected to the Domain, and your About settings no longer list the options that were there before. This is because now, your computer is managed by the server centrally.


What if you wish to leave the domain and use a Local Account? — Leaving the Domain to log into your Local Account

If some need arises and you want/have to leave the domain and/or log into your local account, you can easily do so. You may also log into your local account while your computer is joined to a Domain. You may do so by Signing out of your machine at the sign in screen, select Other user.


Enter the machine name followed by a backslash ( \ )and then your local user account as shown below.


To Leave a Domain

To leave the Domain and sign into your Local Account,

Click Start > Settings > System > About

Then select Disconnect from organization.


Please note, when you join a domain, you might be required to change your password on first log in depending upon the type of settings applied on the user account by your Server administrator.

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  1. Hi,

    I was using an administrator account in my system. Recently I connected my system to a domain. And when I tried to login to my administrator account I am unable to login. I have put my Machine name\username and Password like you said. But I am unable to login. I am sure whether my username is correct. But my password is correct. And I am able to login to the domain account successfully. Is there is a way to find out my username of administrator account? And how do I enter into my administrator account?

    Please help me with this.


  2. If you’ve joined it to the domain you’ll need to setup a domain admin account through active directory.
    Alternatively if you’re trying to access the local admin account you can use .\administrator (.\) this modifier directs the username to the local machine, you’ll see your domain change from DOMAIN to “Computer name”

  3. Question:
    I just built a new Server 2012 Domain Controller in a brand new domain, created user accounts etc. I have windows 7 Pc’s and server 2012 devices on the domain
    I have upgraded the existing Windows 10 HOME edition to windows 10 PRO and successfully joined the domain.

    I am able to login the domain users on the Windows 7 and server 2012 machines, but if i try to login as a domain user to the Windows 10 machines, i get an error ” The Username or password is incorrect. Try again”
    I have confirmed the user account is active and i can even login to a win7 and server 2012 machine with that domain user name.
    has anyone encountered this? sos

  4. To Connect to a Domain you need to go to the windows bar in the bottom. Then start typing domain there should be a tap called connect to work or school. when you open it you click on Connect then type in the name of your domain.

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