In this guide, we will talk about one of the biggest issues in Windows 10: the microphone issue. In general, Windows 10 doesn’t work easily with many recording devices, even if they’re built in to the computer. What we’ve found through our experience is that if a mic connected to a computer isn’t working it’s usually a settings problem, and not a problem with the microphone itself.

If you don’t have any problems just yet – you just have a new microphone and you are unsure how to install it – check out our microphone installation guide.

First of all, if the problem started after April 2018 (a major Windows 10 update), then the fastest solution may be this:

Many computers had a kind of privacy settings reset after Microsoft’s April major update. This reset made your apps and programs not able to access your webcam and microphone. Therefore, we should give them their access / permission back… Follow me:

  1. Open Settings from your start menu.
  2. Click on Privacy in order to access all your privacy settings.
  3. Select Microphone from the left pane and then click the Change button.

  4. Now, turn on microphone for this device.
  5. Turn on Allow apps to access your microphone.
  6. Finally in the app list, make sure to turn on microphone access for every app you want to give permission to access your microphone.
  7. Repeat the same exact steps but for your webcam this time.

Done with that and your mic still isn’t working? Make sure it’s not a hardware issue

Let’s check that your mic isn’t damaged or faulty first and get that out of the way. The best way to check that is to connect your microphone to another computer running any operating system other than Windows 10. If the microphone doesn’t work on the other computer too, that means it could be faulty. If it does work on the other computer that means you probably have a software problem on your Windows 10 computer.

On both PCs, if you’re using a desktop computer (not a laptop), make sure you’re connecting your microphone or headset to the back panel of the PC. The front audio ports aren’t always well connected to the motherboard.

Now that we know that it is a software problem, let’s get it fixed.

If you know your recording device is called “VIA HD audio” please click here

If you know your recording device is called “IDT High Definition Audio Codec” please click here

If the problem concerns your gaming headset, or other microphone + headphones combo, check this out

If you have installed any video/audio recording software on your computer – check this

And finally if you’re having problems with a Bluetooth headset / pair of headphones /  microphone, then check that your Bluetooth is correctly configured first, with this article.

If none of these links above are relevant to you, keep reading.

Method I: Let’s fix some recording device settings

  1. Right-click on the speaker icon in the bottom-right part of the screen and choose Sounds.
  2. Click on the Recording tab in order to see your recording devices list.
  3. A list of recording devices will appear. Try speaking into your microphone, and see if there any green bars rising next to one of them while you talk (as in screenshot).green bars rising
  4. If you don’t see any green bars skip to step 5If you do see green bars when you talk into the microphone, but it still doesn’t work in some program, then that means that the mic is correctly configured in Windows, but the program is listening to the wrong recording device. Try changing that program’s settings.
  5. Check if you can recognize which one of the devices in the list is your microphone. If you found it, click on it to highlight it, and then click Set Default.set default
  1. Check again if you see green bars rising when you talk into the microphone. If you do your mic is now correctly setup. If not, continue to next step.
  2. Double-click on the device that represents your microphone. The Microphone Properties window will appear. Click the Levels tab.levels tab
  3. In the “Levels” tab make sure that “Microphone” and “Microphone Boost” are set to the maximum, you can do that by sliding them to the right until the first one shows 100 and the boost is set to +30.0 dB. Then click OK.
  4. In the “Enhancements” tab (if found), make sure to uncheck the “Disable all sound effects” checkbox.
  5. Now visit the “Advanced” tab too and make sure to uncheck the “Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device” checkbox and click “OK“. (Also uncheck the “Enable audio enhancements” check box if found).
  6. In the main recording devices panel, go to the “Communications” tab and select the “Do nothing” radio button and then click OK.
  7. Restart your computer and recheck your recording devices panel. If you see green bars rising when you talk into the microphone – your mic is now properly configured!
  8. If you still don’t see any bars and you’re not 100% sure which one of the devices is the relevant one, try following steps 4-11 for every device on the list.

Method II: Uninstall and reinstall your microphone drivers

  1. Open device manager, fastest way is through the search bar:device manager search
  2. Open ‘Audio Inputs and Outputs’audio inputs and outputs
  3. Left-click on your recording device.
  4. In the menu that opens up Click ‘Uninstall’.
  5. Physically disconnect your microphone from the computer.
  6. Restart the computer.
  7. Reconnect microphone and let Windows re-install the drivers.
  8. If your Windows 10 updating gets stuck, this may prevent you from getting the latest drivers automatically. Check this guide to fix it.
  9. If it didn’t work, I would suggest that you install the latest driver found on your computer manufacturer’s website manually, because sometimes the latest driver isn’t the one compatible with your computer. So you should search for your computer model number on the manufacturer’s website, download the latest driver that is compatible with your model number and Windows 10 and check if it works.
  10. If you found your computer model on the website but can’t see a version for Windows 10 there, this means there aren’t compatible drivers for it yet and you may have to wait until they release some new drivers.
  11. Next up are solutions only to specific devices, so if you read up to here and nothing worked, please head to our forum and we’ll try to help.

Specific solution for users with IDT High Definition Audio Codec device

  1. Open device manager, fastest way is through the search bar:device manager search
  2. Open ‘Audio Inputs and Outputs’audio inputs and outputs
  3. Double click on your recording device ‘High Definition Audio Codec’.
  4. Move to the ‘Driver’ tab.driver tab
  5. Click ‘Update Driver’.
  6. Click ‘Browse my computer for driver software’.browse computer for drivers
  7. Click ‘Let me pickup a list of device drivers on my computer’.let me pick driver from list
  8. Select ‘High Definition Audio Device’, and not ‘IDT High Def’, and click Next.
  9. You will get a warning. Click “Yes”.
  10. Check if it works.

Specific solution for users with VIA HD Audio device

Many VIA users are experiencing problems with recording and/or playback since they moved to Windows 10. If you’re one of these people try to download and install Daniel_K’s modified drivers.

If the problem concerns your gaming headset or microphone + headphone combo, check this section

First of all, make sure the connection type between your headset and your computer is the same. If your headset has 2 independent jacks, one for the audio and the other for the microphone, your computer must have independent ports as well. If it’s a 2 in 1 (one jack for both microphone and audio) then you computer must have one single port with a headset icon on it.

  1. iPhone earphones and other headsets’ microphones with one single jack won’t work in case your computer has two ports, splitted. So you’ll need to buy one of these splitters:Maeline 3.5mm Female to 2 Male Gold Plated Headphone Mic Audio Y Splitter Flat Cable
  2.  If your headset has two independent jacks and you want to connect both of them to the one headset port in your computer you will need one of these splitters:UGREEN 3.5mm Audio Stereo Y Splitter Cable 3.5mm Male to 2 Port 3.5mm Female for Earphone, Headset Splitter Adapter, Compatible for iPhone, Samsung, LG, Tablets, MP3 players, Metal Black
  3. If your connection is the same on the headset and in the computer, but the microphone still doesn’t work, you may try to convert to USB connection, use one of these converters:
    1. For 2 x 3.5mm jacks headsets
    2. For 1 x 3.5mm jack headsets
  4. Uninstall any VoIP programs and applications, like Skype, Teamspeak or any other voice calling programs, then restart your computer and if your microphone works again now you can reinstall them.

If you are using any recording software check this

People who use recording software (Audio recording / screen recording)  have to check that your software is up-to-date, some people reported that an old version of flashback express screen recorder was muting their microphones.

Please note:

If you still have problems after reading this article and going through the steps, please ask your question in our forum, where we have an expert on the subject that will try his best to help you. As we learn more information through the forum we update this article with advice that is tailored to specific devices.

Still stuck? Ask your question in our forum!

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  1. IDT High Def:

    After step 7, Click ‘Let me pickup a list of device drivers on my computer’, “Audio Endpoint” and “Generic software device” are my only options for driver selection. I have had to do this before to fix the problem; however, I have updated my hP ENVY dv6 since then.

    • I am having the same trouble, After step 7, Click ‘Let me pickup a list of device drivers on my computer’, “Audio Endpoint” and “Generic software device” are my only options for driver selection. Pls any help. what do i do, any help please

  2. I have philips earpods that I use to talk to friends with through the Xbox app. The problem is that I have to yell to be heard, I tried increasing the volume and frequencies but that did nothing, can anyone help?

  3. Korinna Pinakoulaki on

    I’ve tried attaching different headsets with microphones but none of them appear as recording devices. I have no idea what to do if I can’t even access the microphone’s settings

  4. Followed instructions and internal mic is being recognized; external mic only sometimes (messages say: ‘not plugged in’ and at the same time ‘device is working properly’).
    Adjusted microphone to 100 and booster to 20 db. Both microphones (when external mic was working) very quiet, the green bars hardly move, Skype test call recording is weak, voice recognition programs don’t pick up anything.
    Driver: Realtek High Definition Audio; date: 7/29/2015; ThinkPad X1, 64 bit

  5. i have tried all this and nothing works…:( i have a realtek driver installed now…my sound works just fine and the headphones/mic are brand spankin new… please help!

  6. For me it does not work. I have a SONY CSM-CS 10 microphone and it can not be detected even after above mentioned options. What can be done with it?

  7. Great article, thank you! I’ve been havin’ a hard time figuring out how to check the settings. Now I’m able to record sounds. Thanks again. 🙂

  8. Dianne Mecklenburg on

    What article? I would appreciate reading it. I have done everything but cannot record my voice to computer. In SOUND Recording, microphone has green tick, sound bar moves (even as I type now) but when selecting voice recording, comment : You need to set up a microphone in Settings. Very frustrating.

  9. joanne Cooper on

    Help! I was quite happy working away and windows updated itself to 10 and now my mic does not work. It is Realtek High definition audio device. tried everything in this article and nothing works! Thanks windows…

  10. Trish Whittington on

    My new Dell computer came with Windows 10 and the Realtek High Definition Audio Device, which I assume is my built-in microphone, worked fine for a few months. Now? NOTHING. None of the suggestions on this help page worked, and I can’t even get Cortana to “hear” me when I click on her microphone, much less by saying “Hey Cortana” to wake her up. There seems to be quite a few people having mic problems when they have the Realtek High Definition Audio Device. Is there something special we should know about fixing it?

  11. Nothing seems to work for me either. I have tried everything and the worst thing is that it worked perfectly when I was using Windows 8.1 but now it suddenly doesn’t. AND the best part is that I’m a heave user of Lync (Skype for Business) but now that is totally useless. Beautiful I must say Microsoft – that will boost your business in the business area (I THINK NOT).

  12. Nothing works for me! I have STEREO MIX in the recording bar and nothing else! NO recording whatsoever..

    sound is fine though.


    Windows 10, Dell laptop

  13. I had a set of gaming headphones made for the Xbox 360 that had always worked on Windows 7. Upgraded to windows 10 about a week ago and when I tried them got nothing as far as recording/microphone.

    Tried the very first link at the top (If your recording device is called “VIA HD audio” please ‘click here’) downloaded the file installed and restarted. 100% fixed the problem. Restart took a little longer than normal and a device was auto installed automatically after login.

    Big thanks to ilan for the OP and Daniel_K for the modified driver.

    Headphones: Turtle Beach X32
    Testing With: Skype Echo/Sound Test

  14. I have got a problem, when I go to sound recording option, it shows that no audio devices are installed. how to fix it, where to install it from.

  15. Hello folks,
    I am using windows 10 home ed:
    The issue I’m having using voice recorder is no sound from microphone. Green bars not working either.

    In control panel sound recording I am seeing this….

    No sound from microphone using Voice recorder
    Microphone has green tick
    Realtek High Definition Audio
    Default device

    CD audio
    has black arrow pointing down
    Realtek High Definition Audio

    Line IN
    Red arrow pointing down
    Realtek High Definition Audio
    Not plugged in

    Stereo Mix
    Black arrow pointing down
    Realtek High Definition Audio

    In playback speakers have green arrow ticked
    Any help in solving this issue would be greatly appreciated. Thank You!

  16. Having issues with my logitech c270 hd webcam, my computer was working fine until I did a shutdown and booted it 2 days later, when I tried making a test call in skype my voice sounded like a chipmunk, using my webcam software reproduced the same issue. I did a reboot to see if that would resolve it and now even though my webcam mic is still registering as connected it does not record at all although my camera still records video. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling drivers 5 times now with no effect (yes I did reboot each time). This is NOT a driver issue unless there was a ninja update done by microsoft which suddenly made my webcam no longer compatible with windows 10. I have also tried unplugging my camera, rebooting, and plugging back in to a different usb port to no avail. I have searched all over and everything says it’s a driver issue reinstall your drivers, as I said it is NOT my drivers. I cannot post on logitech’s forums for help as they are not working at the moment.

    • Same problem recently. C170 wss working great until a month or so back then it would work intermittently – ha to unplug it and plug it in again to get the sound to work on Skype. Now nothing.

      I’ve been playing with computers, building, upgrading and fixing generally since the days of DOS and this has me stumped! Tried dumping the Logitech drivers and using the MS generic USB sound one, and still nothing.

      And don’t even think of trying to get a reply from Logitech!

      • Hello Glyn,
        I know it’s annoying but we will do our best to help you.
        First of all, uninstall all the webcam drivers, all VOIP programs like Skype and restart your computer. If still nothing works, install the drivers found in this link without installing Skype
        If still nothing works, you can create a thread in our forums so that we can keep in touch until the problem is solved

        • Whenever I plugin my microphone. I got notification from window that you just plugged a new device into audio jack. But when i goto recording device after right clicking on sound icon then it shows only 1 default option for windows recording. Basically my microphone is not showing there. M using Dell inpiron, windows 10 and Wright LAV 101 Omnidirectional Lapel Lavalier Microphone. PLz help .Thanks

          • Hello Ankit, you definitely need some fresh audio drivers from Dell’s official website. Download and install them, give your computer a couple of restarts and see if it works. Good luck!

  17. This Realtek driver version allows use of integrated mic and headphones on my Dell Latitude 3470 running Windows 10

    it seems that newer drivers do not offer the option to use the integrated mic and headphones.

    you can also purchase a pnp usb device that will allow you to plug a mic/headset combo.

    NRG Tech TRRS CTIA / AHJ/ 4 Pole USB Audio Adapter- Designed for Apple Earpods or other compatible VOIP/ Skype headsets

  18. Michael Price on

    Hey Trish Whittington and Pattie Wagner I have te same issue and this forum seems to be dead. I have been looking for a solution to my problem for weeks now I see tons of people with my problem but no working fix. I upgraded to windows 10 about a year ago and had no problems till a few weeks ago. I have Realtek High Definition Audio and the latest drivers when I look at my mic properties levels tab it is muted and sound set at zero I move the slider to 100% and uncheck the mute option just to watch it instantly go back to zero and mute

  19. same problem as Michael Price’ . everything was ok until one day it just stop working. i have Realtek High Definition Audio too.

  20. Realtek High definition audio, could not pick up any sounds.

    Volume at 100%
    Default device
    No Green bar indicator of any sounds picked up.
    went to online mic test, there’s a line but doesn’t move.

    Help pls


    I got a new answer for that. I just experienced this situation. I uninstalled the sonic radar (from asus) and it messed with my audio drivers, so I downloaded the latest version and everything seamed fine.
    When I tried to send a voice message I realized that my mic wasn’t working. Tried aaaaall possible settings, including the HD Realtek Audio Manager. I could hear my playback, but the sound wasn’t being passed to the PC (no green bars going up).
    Reinstalled Realtek and NVidia High Definition Audio, and nothing. Then I looked at the other option at the Device Manager: you have your drivers at “SOUND, VIDEO AND GAMES CONTROLLERS” and the “AUDIO INPUTS AND OUTPUTS”, so to waste a little time, I disabled the “Microphone (High Definition Audio Codec)’” (as said at the post above)…… and with JUST THAT it came back to work again!!!!!!

  22. I have the same problem, mic seems to be not working. I adjusted the settings several times. In skype only cam is working but nobody can hear me even if I can hear the other party. I really need help please…..

  23. I’ve had absolutely no problem with my sound (I use Discord to chat) UNTIL this morning, when Windows 10 did it’s hideously large and screwed up ‘anniversary update’.

    Now nothing works, sound wise – even when I ‘troubleshoot sound problems’, the system says everything’s working fine and when I go to update drivers, I’m told everything’s up to date.

    This is classic Microsoft screw-ups.

  24. My Cortana all of a sudden could not hear me and it has been working great until now! I have been in touch with IT for the past several days and we have tried EVERYTHING and NOTHING works- or stays working!! The Microphone Array on the sound chart will slide up for a few minutes and then jumps back to zero! So frustrated with the system, but thank goodness it is not essential to the integrity of my computer and I can certainly live without it! It is just so much fun talking to my machine and having her answer me. Any solutions to my problem will certainly be appreciated! I have had my laptop only about 6 weeks! Thanks!

  25. I’ve been having a similar problem since the W10 Anniversary update with my Logitech 9000 Pro webcam mic.
    First the chipmunk problem was fixed by changing the mic format (sampling rate) in the mics properties, advanced tab to 16khz.
    The mic not responding problem (no green bar movement in the recording sounds window) was made to work by disabling then enabling the mic. However, it seems that most of the time, the problem returns with the next boot. If I reinstall the driver, the mic works for a few days before failing again. When I get a chance, I’m going to try writing a batch file to run at startup (using nir software’s devmanview) to automatically do a disable/enable on the mic at startup.

  26. Hi,
    I am facing problem with my laptop voice recording neither speakers or headphone mic is able to record anything.I tried different approaches on internet but no luck.Arrived at this website and tried all 14 steps but i couldn’t see any green levels under Recording Devices when i am speaking.
    I tried reinstalling audio drivers/microphone but nothing helped me to resolve issue.

    Note : speakers and headphone are working absolutely fine to give output sound.
    Kindly let me know if any solution exists.

  27. If you guys are getting audio endpoint and generic software your clicking your mic you need to find the pcs audio system and use that

  28. if windows audio could be fixed there would not be an entire industry and thousands of forums addressing the terrible product.. And that is the most honest FACT on the internet

  29. I have nonstop mic problems with my Xbox One controller using the Win10 app. When I go into it from Device Manager, I see it is muted. I unmute it but then the controller loses vibration. After about 10 sec windows mutes it again. I don’t know what to do.

    • Did you show the disabled and disconnected recording devices as in your Recording devices list?
      Right click in your Recording devices list and check both Show Disabled Devices and Show Disconnected Devices. If you find your headset mic, enable it and set it as Default.

  30. I recieve audio output from headset and my mic on it still works. My laptop just defaults to my laptop’s built-in mic.

    • It’s okay, are you sure that your headset’s output (1 jack for both audio and mic or 2 separated jacks) is compatible with your computer (1 port for the whole headset or two separated ports for audio and mic)? Also you can Right-click on your built-in mic and disable it temporarily to see if it can catch your headset mic or not.
      For further help, please create a thread on our forums here:

  31. Really, it’s not a problem with the microphone? I’ve bought close to 3 microphones because I thought the recording device doesn’t recognize them. Awwch.. I can’t believe I just wasted money when the solution is quite simple.

  32. I own a Asus Xonar AE and a Qpad QH-85. That one has a detachable microphone. I tried it directly connected and not trough the headset (to rule it out from being the issue) and it didn’t change anything.

    I tried your solutions here and it didn’t change anything.

    I tried my headset on my iPhone with the included Y adapter and it worked.

    So in trying to solve this, I bought a new detachable microphone, a new sound card, I reinstalled 10 from scratch. None of this has fixed this damn issue. I’m getting desperate and I really hope someone can help me. 100€ spent trying fixing this, just great…

  33. Sounds dumb, but make sure you don’t have anything on the actual mic that is muting it. I spent one hour trying to fix my mic and turns out all that was wrong was that I had the mute switch on…

  34. i can’t find but there’s is one on my microphone can you resolve of devices and i can’t find device manager but i’m in poland.

  35. Hello,

    Recently I’ve purchased iRig Mic and wanted to use on my pc. After getting in contact with IK support team I’ve learned that the mic is not compatible with pc. They suggested for me to buy iRig Mic HD 2 or iRig PRE HD since I’m a uni student its impossible for me to invest in another mic.

    Do you know if there is a possible way to make this mic work on my pc?

    • Hello Selen,
      we have checked the official website and we found that the microphone isn’t really compatible with Windows OS, but anyway it’s worth a couple of trials:
      1- Try to download and install the driver that makes iRig Mic HD 2 and PRE HD, maybe it could work:
      2- Try connecting it via a USB adapter as shown in the guide, it’s not expensive but if it works then your problem will be solved.
      We would like to get more in touch with you to keep on updating with the solutions we find and the results you get, so please head to our forums and open a thread with you problem and we will get in touch:
      Thank you and good luck with your problem.

  36. If you’ve an Insiders Build of Win 10 from Build 17063 on, you’ll need to go to Settings from your Start Menu. Type microphone setup into the search box and run the Microphone Setup. Then go to Settings, Privacy, click on Microphone in the menu and click Change to let audio apps access the microphone. Many audio apps require this access for instance audio enhancers, audio record apps and so on. Otherwise these audio apps won’t work fully and properly.

    • Yes that’s correct Chaz, the only problem is that in that page in Settings, you will only find the list of Metro Apps (Windows 8 and 10 apps downloaded from the Store) but any other normal programs won’t be listed. That’s why you will have to follow the full guide to fix the issue in general.

    • Kudos, just stumbled on this before i read you comment. I was going to suggest they add this solution to the page. This was such a simple fix but the controls are so obscured it was hard to find. thank you

        • Mina Magued Mounir on

          I think this would be a permission issue. You should go to the privacy settings and enable the microphone for all the apps. Also, make sure you set this microphone as your default recording device in order to use it over all apps.

  37. The problem I found was if I downloaded the Logictech software the camera not the microphone worked. I am using Windows 10. Just plug in the camera and let Windows set up the C270 and both are working, however you will nee to use the camera app and there are tutorials online that explain how to proceed to use the camera. This is what I found works even after calling Logictech support.

    • Thank you Dean B for sharing your experience with us, we will make sure to advise people who buy Logitech webcams and microphones!

  38. patrick moline on

    I have a Yeti blue USB microphone the mic cuts out about 15 to 20 minutes into recording via CAST podcasting server, the headphones continue to work, but the mic drops out completely

    • Hello Patrick,
      let’s try to uninstall all other programs that have access to your microphone like Skype (both original and Windows 10 metro app version), teamspeak, Viber, Discord ..etc then restart your computer and try it again. Also make sure you get the latest audio drivers from your computer manufacturer’s website (You can send us your computer model number and we will be looking for it ourselves) and then restart your computer for a couples of times before trying it again.
      If these tips didn’t help you so much, please don’t hesitate to bring your thread to our forums:
      We are currently helping a lot of people and we would love to help you too. Good luck with it!

      • Hi, the microphone works after only after I restart it, how do you get it to work after just putting the laptop to sleep?

        • Hello Delilah, this is either a driver issue or a power plan one. Start fixing it by downloading the audio driver from your computer manufacturer’s official website and see if it works. Also, review your plan settings at your control panel if the last method didn’t fix it and tell me if you suspect any setting and I’ll work on fixing it. Good luck!

  39. You forgot to mention how to get a mic to work if its a webcam with built-in mic. You mentioned every other device excluding webcam/microphone combo devices. Also, what would I need to do if my audio manager program is “Realtek HD Audio Manager”? And what would I need to do if my desktop audio settings shows that the mic is inputting the same audio as my “Stereo Mix” device? (which in this case is “Realtek High Definition Audio”)

    • Hello Scott, yes you are totally right. Don’t worry, we update our guides periodically and I’ll make sure to include all these points in it. If you already have one of these problems please let us know in the comments or in the forums and I’ll do my best to help you until we update the guide. Have a nice day!

  40. Jared Schmidt on

    Thank you!! I was stuck and reading through this and messing around a bit got me there; I honestly didn’t think it would…but it did. Thank you…

    I tried to give credit to who I originally got this solution from, but I think I closed out of the webpage..

    It’s was NOT enough to merely disable/re-enable. — breathe and proceed —
    Step1: start > device manager > audio inputs and outputs
    Step2: right click microphone > disable
    Step3: restart machine
    Step4: Step1
    Step5: right click microphone > enable
    Step6: let someone else know so they don’t waste 2 hours looking for the solution

    • Hello Emmanuel, unfortunately this is not a general solution for the problem, as you see, it has many reasons and our goal is to trace it till we solve everyone’s issue, but I’m glad this fixed your problem and I’ll make sure to tell people to try it. Cheers!

  42. I have tried all of the above, and my mic still continues not to work. The only time my mic is registering sound is when I do a listen test on my mic properties. PLEASE HELP

    I have a Razer Kraken USB headset.

    • Hello Wyatt, I’ll do my best to help for sure. First of all I want to remind you again to download your audio driver from your computer manufacturer’s website and install it, then give your computer a couple of restarts. There is another solution posted on Razer Kraken community if your mic worked perfectly before, open you Device Manager windows, click on sound, video and game controllers to expand it and then right click on the realtek high defination audio and select properties, and finally click on drivers and select roll back driver. Restart your computer and see if it works.

  43. Thanks for these very clear steps ! Unfortunately, even after trying these steps, I still have zero audio input on my laptop. The microphone built in my laptop doesn’t get any green bars, and also installing an external microphone doesn’t give anything. I’ve been looking around quite a lot and been trying almost all possible sound setting, but unfortunately there are no green bars at all…! If you have any more ideas what I might try, I’d be very thankful!

    • Hello Bart, I’m so sorry you still got a problem with it, but forgive me if I’m repeating this but I have to make sure… Have you downloaded the official audio driver from your computer manufacturer’s official website? They must be having the compatible one. Install it manually, give your computer a couple of restarts and see if the green bars appear. If you don’t know how to reach it, reply with your computer / laptop model number and I’ll reply back with the link to it.

  44. i found mine worked after going to start>microphone. Windows was blocking the access to my mic, so i allowed access again.

    • Yes Jason this happened to all of us who updated their Windows lately, Microsoft did reset all the permissions, you’ll have to do this with your webcam as well.

  45. Microphone Privacy Settings were set to not allow applications access to the microphone. Turned this back on, and mic worked.

  46. Hi, i’ve got an annoying problem, i have a double jack Marvo HG8914 headset(the microphone is integrated ), it can detect songs and game sounds but it doesn’t detect my voice, i clearly tried everything, downloaded the appropriate driver for my motherboard: Asrock h81-m VG4 R2.0.
    tried the steps posted above, still it didn’t work, by the way everything was alright few days ago, the mic was functionning until suddenly it stopped detecting my voice.
    Sound card is obviously fine since i tried other devices on it and its mics are working very well
    Some screenshots of my mic config:

      • I’ve noticed one thing, the microphone is only detecting sounds from games and songs when the format is 2 channel, 16 bit, 96000Hz(studio quality), does this have anything to do?

        • Can you check the microphone settings from inside the game? Setting your recording device from inside is sometimes necessary.

  47. The right mic i’m using is the one chosen inside the game, even discord and other applications.
    The main problem is the unability of detecting my voice, while being able to detect other sounds from the pc.

    • That’s so weird, it mustn’t be able to detect your computer sounds since Stereo Mix is disabled. Try to update the audio driver from inside the Stereo Mix device and see if it solves the problem.

  48. Thank you very much for this post. Finally! After days of research trying to figure out why my mic wasn’t working and finding a solution for it without success, I came across this post and long and behold it now works after following the instructions provided. THANK YOU!!!

  49. I just wanted to say that after trying for 2 days to fix my mic, I just followed your first suggestion with the privacy and BAM it worked. I tried everything I knew and everything from searching for solutions on the internet and nothing helped. Thank you for the guide, it was the only one that actually fixed the problem.

  50. Grateful thanks for your excellent information. I was able to easily follow each step and solve the microphone problem I had on my Acer Aspire E1-771 laptop running on Windows 10 software.
    I still have a major problem that I hope you can kindly help me with please.
    I have an Acer Aspire E11 that I use only when I travel on holiday when I need to send emails and use Skype voice mail. Every 10 to 15 minutes I get an error message WHEA UNCORRECTABLE ERROR and it stops and reloads again. I have searched for solutions without any success. Do you have any ideas how I can solve this problem please? Many thanks for your help with this.

    • Hello Peter,
      I searched for a solution for your problem and I would recommend that you watch this video and follow the steps and check after each step if it fixes your problem… I don’t think you wold need CCleaner but if everything else doesn’t solve it so maybe you’ll have to use it.. Just follow the video and tell me if you need some further help.

    • Hey Sam. Do you know the name of your mic? Try downloading the latest drivers for it from the manufacturer’s site, and then check if it shows up in the device manager. Let us know here, or even better – in the forum, if it doesn’t. Cheers

  51. Chris Sanderson on

    Hey, great tips! My problem is windows does not detect my mic. It was working just a few days ago for the past few months, but now windows has no drivers for it and it isn’t detected. Help!

    • Hello Chris, seems like your computer had a recent update that messed with you drivers, you should then download and install the drivers manually from your computer manufacturer’s website. Also check if there are any restore points available so that you can recover it to a previous point when everything was alright.
      If you have a problem looking for your audio drivers, please reply with your computer model number and I’ll redirect you. Will be waiting for your reply!

  52. Thank you, Mina! I was able to get back to work in a moment after reading your first recommendation (change settings to allow apps to access microphone). I spent a ridiculous number of hours trying to sort out why I suddenly couldn’t be heard in my online workplace. I appreciate your genius and your generosity in sharing it!

  53. I’m Brazilian, I’m using google translator, I just wanted to thank them immensely for this site, my god, I was with this problem for more than a month and could not wait to find the reason, this site was the only one that gave me the answer, that was that the windows had blocked the microphone for other programs … thank you SO much for all this, it saved my life practically, ty ty ty ty

    • Hey Lucas, your words really meant a lot to me, I’m so happy I could help you. Good luck in your life 😀

  54. Alastair Dinning on

    Sorted! Thank you, much appreciate that you took the time to post this. I would never have looked here!

  55. you can’t imagine how long I was troubleshooting about this issue, thanks so much, the privacy settings solved the problem for me.

  56. Thank you so much! I didn’t even think of this, and I ended up deleting all drivers and restoring my system and it was a huge mess, but everything’s good now.

    • Hello Maksymilian, try to set your microphone as the default recording device, disable all other recording devices and also check the settings of every app you use in order to make sure it works.

  57. Dude thank you so much! My paranoid @$$ had the mic turned off under the privacy settings. Good catch on that one guys. has officially been bookmarked.

  58. Windows 10 laptop, USB Plantronics BT300M Headset Microphone plugged into slot on side of PC, trying to record screen demos in Adobe Captivate 2017.

    There is also a Microphone Array (Realtek High Definition Audio) listed in Audio inputs and outputs.

    I have tried multiple headsets, stand-alone microphone. Absolutely no voice recording.

    Device Manager says the driver is up-to-date.

    Privacy settings allow all apps that are in the list. Should I be able to add apps to this list?

    I see that some people have resolved issues but I can’t tell from the threads what is the fix.

    I have spent many hours trying to find a solution.

    Please advise next steps.

    • Hello Kath, don’t listen to your Device manager, just go to your laptop manufacturer’s website and check for the latest audio driver compatible with your laptop. Download it, install it and then give your laptop a few restarts and see if it works. Try this come back, I’ll be there to help you further.

  59. Thank you so much. The windows update had in fact changed my settings to prevent me from using the microphone even though it was available. So absolutely tired of windows as a service. “IF” anyone would make a decent gaming OS I would ditch microsoft forever. I guess destroying their phone market wasn’t enough for them, now they feel the need to ruin the pc experience as well.

    • Hello Daniel, you’re always welcome! I understand your disappointment, I hope they take some serious steps to insure better experience for all of us.

  60. Thank you so much. This was such a headache for me, and we knew it was windows 10 something, but MAN, we could not find it. You are a star.

  61. I’ve tried everything but my computer mic still doesnt work. I installed the software from my motherboard supplier. Aorus B360 and it still doesn’t work. I’ve played will all the settings and still my mic doesnt pick up anything.

    • Hello Neil, did you try another microphone or try the microphone on other devices to make sure the problem doesn’t lay out elsewhere? Also I think the last solution you will have is to give it a shot and use an adapter to convert 3.5mm jack to USB or Vice-Versa.

  62. First option worked for me.. Huge thanks, after a while and being convinced that mic is damaged or something.

    Thank you, really!

  63. I closed Skype for business and my mic started working. Seems Skype was grabbing my mic exclusively

    RIGHT CLICK on speaker icon on taskbar
    Choose SOUNDS
    Go to RECORDING tab
    RIGHT CLICK on your mic
    Choose the ADVANCED tab

  64. YES!! thank you so much bro youre more helpful than the windows site itself. i cant believe you came up with tons of different solutions as well as screenshots. thanks man!!


  66. Hey just wanted to say thanks for this article! I was lost and it pointed me in teh right direction and solved the problem – I was almost ready to throw out my mic!

  67. Great works!!! very good and excellent document!! thank you I though I already have a bad hardware, microphone works fine now in my Viber and Skype.

  68. Thanks so much for this. Step 1 fixed it, but the stupid Windows privacy settings weren’t mentioned anywhere else (Windows sites included). I didn’t have voice chat for one night of the LAN party, but I will for the second night; thanks.

  69. If anyone is still having this issue, I just went through it all and nothing worked – I tried updating all the drivers, restarting, tried all the troubleshooters, tried different USB ports (this was on a Blue Snowball ICE USB mic plugged into an ASUS mobo running Windows 10 and Realtek drivers) – nothing was working and my PC could see the mic, listen to the mic and picked up the sound but it wouldn’t record to any software – Audacity, Premiere Pro, Windows sound recorder – nothing would pick up the input. I was about to go buy a sound card or just take the mic back and give up BUT…..check this out….buried somewhere on a forum I found the answer;

    In Windows 10, hit the windows key or start, and type in “Privacy” – open privacy settings and on the left, glance down to the heading “App Permissions” and you’ll see about 4th or 5th one down is “MIcrophone” Go to “Allow apps to access your microphone” and flick the button to “On” – now go back and try to record and it should work.

    If it doesn’t and you’ve tried everything else you may have a different problem but this worked for me after 3 days of trying everything else. GOOD LUCK!

    • Hello AlasdairGDM, we mentioned the privacy solution as our first method but we never met that “MIcrophone” in the app list. We will check that and add it once confirmed, thank your for your comment.

  70. OMG … this post has really rescued me. I spent hours fiddling with bloody drivers and wondering why on earth the same hardware works perfectly on one Win10 and not on mine. Unbelievable, it was just a matter of allowing permissions which I never denied. Thanks so much!!!

  71. I was about to buy 3rd mic, this time USB because I thought my mic jacks are dead. Thank you for 1st step, now both mic and web-cam works 🙂

  72. this was so simple to use!!!!!!!
    Im over 50 I followed all the prompts and stuck with the microphone fixing suggestions till the end..and now it works!!
    God Bless

  73. Nicolai Bisgaard on

    About a month ago when i formatted my PC, my mic stopped working in the PC.
    I’ve tried built-in and external mics (through jack) and none works. Tested on other PC where it works.
    I’ve searching through every post on google and done everything i could think of and nothing seems to work.

    * When i configure the microphone the green bars move very slightly. If i scream full power the bar moves about halfway through. When i test the microphone no one hears anything, even if i speak loudly or yell.
    * I checked for default, checked sound levels in recording, checked Volume Mixer
    * uninstalled device in device manager and restarted.
    * Checked for drivers on Realtek website and automatically.
    * Checked privacy settings and everything is enabled

    It could be the jack that’s broken/not working (PC is from 2014) but it does recognize when i plug in my headset.
    Any help greatly appreciated

    • Mina Magued Mounir on

      Hello Nicloai, yeah maybe it’s a hardware issue (broken cable, dust in port or maybe rust). It doesn’t have to work perfectly base on the fact it recognizes the headset when plugged in. But anyway, recheck the microphone boost level, maybe if you maximize the boost you will get some signal.

  74. It was the privacy settings for me too. Thanks so much, I knew I had changed a setting, but didn’t even think of going to privacy and checking it out!!

  75. Just a quick recap, so any headphones or earhpones with just one 3.5mm jack wont work for a computer with a mic and aux jack? Id need to buy a splitter?

    • Mina Magued Mounir on

      xactely Matthew. In order to connect a one cord earphones/headphone into two separated Audio/Mic ports, you do need a splitter.

  76. Dear Madame, Dear Sir,
    Used to working with windows 7 now upgrading to Dragon Naturally Speaking pro 15 on Windows 10, I was not able to start up the program.
    The privacy settings kept me from using Dragon Naturally Speaking 15 on windows 10.
    After hours lost searching and switching all kinds of headsets /microphones – looking for a hardware / software update solutions, yours was the one.
    Thank you very much.
    Yours sincerely
    Jean Marie

    • Mina Magued Mounir on

      Oh that’s very kind of you to say. We are glad we could help and enrich people like you with Knowledge, Situs. Have a great day!


  78. Excelente, me ayudo en mucho en la activación del microfono, windows 10 me lo tenia deshabilitado.

    Posteriormente en la configuracion de los decibeles del microfono fue de mas ayuda pues no escuchaba nada de lo que hablaba.


  79. Hey mina!! I have a 3.5mm jack mic and whenever i plug it in it doesnt work. I have gigabyte motherboard and realtek high definition driver and i have a custom pc. Please help me

  80. hi! i have a 3.5 mm jack microphone and it doesn’t work on my pc . My motherboard is Gigabyte B85M-DS3H-A and i checked my mic and it worked on my phone and laptop. And i have custom pc. Please help me i cant communicate while playing games and im in a disadvantage. Please help me!!!

  81. Hi! I have a 3.5 mm jack mic and it doesnt work on my pc. My motherboard is Gigabyte B85M – DS3H – A and i have custom pc. I tried reinstalling the audio driver of my motherboard (latest version) but still it doesn’t work and the driver name is Realtek High definition audio. Please help me!!!

  82. Geez,
    Thank you so much for this article 🙂 Since my mic stopped working I tried a lot of things, from re-installing drivers up to actually buying a new headset. Several settings etc. but it didn’t come to my mind checking the privacy settings inside Windows. Voila ! Now all works fine.

    • Mina Magued Mounir on

      Hey Maik, you’re always welcome ☺ I’m glad I could help you! Don’t hesitate to come to our website whenever you have an issue. Have a great day!

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